WebGIS Based

Decision Support System
for Watershed Development

of Panchayaths in Kerala

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This is an effort to make use of the modern IT tools like GIS and WebGIS, for a holistic development planning at Panchayath level, based on the resource data and comprehensive watershed based development master plan

This has a special relavance, because:

The importance of watershed based planning for sustainable development has been widely accepted

Various departments and agencies supporting rural development programmes demand a local level watershed-based development master plan as a prerequisite

Many Govt. schemes available for local bodies like MGNREGS, Hariyali, WGDP, etc. also demand the same


Data regarding the available resources (both natural as well as man-made) are very much essential for effective, sustainable local level planning and watershed management.


Further, effective micro level planning and implementation requires not only the availability of microlevel database, but also the facility to capture/retrieve the required data, quickly and easily from the database.



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User Manual / Help Document

Here, the Panchayath level resource maps and watershed based master plans, which have the plot/micro level resource data and action plans for soil and water conservation, improving agriculture productivity, livelihood support programmes and creation of other durable assets, have been ported in to a GIS environment and made avaialble in a WebGIS interface, for easy data retrieval and updating.


One can select a Panchayath for geo-visualisation from the right menu...


The User Guide available here will be helpfull to use the WebGIS application.


Presently only those Panchayaths, who have enroled for this project, have been included here. Other Panchayaths can contact the Project Team to setup the WebGIS database.



The entire work has been done using Free and Open Source GIS Software tools like GRASS, QGIS, GeoServer and GeoExplorer on Debian GNU/Linux platform.


A Project of:      Integrated Rural Technology Centre (IRTC), Mundur, Palakkad, Kerala - 678592.

Phone/Fax: 0491 - 2832324, 2832663; Email - irtcpalakkad@gmail.com; Web:www.irtc.org.in